How Do I Know My Purpose?

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I listened to some audios messages from one of my mentors speaking at a church meeting and decided to make an article out of it to relate to the topic at hand.

I made certain illustrations and gave personal examples to help make understanding easier and explain things better.

Purpose is Different from Ambition. Your ambition is your desire here on Earth by the result of your environment and training but Your Purpose is defined by God (Your Maker) and You Discover it.

Here are 3 Fundamental Keys for Discovering or Knowing your Purpose by certain natural indicators:

1. Your Potentials (Inherent Abilities)

Your potentials are the abilities you were born with. It comes naturally to you. You still

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have to work on improving it through consistent practice and learning, but it is very easy to follow through and something that you have less trouble with. That is just a general way of Describing what Your Potentials are.

It will be of great help to partake in this activity:

  • Get a piece of paper or a notepad
  • Get a pen or pencil
  • Find a quiet or serene place

a. Make a list of every ability you think you may have – even the seemingly little things

Here’s a list of mine to aid you in your list:

  1. Creativity
  2. Fixing problems and issues with gadgets
  3. Writing (articles, speeches, poetry and books)
  4. Leading People
  5. Coding and Learning Programming Languages
  6. Teaching
  7. Counselling and Mentoring People

This is not my full list but at least it should give you a Head-start !

Concentrate on developing these Potentials and you will definitely see doors of opportunity open up for you.!.

Visit this blog for in-depth practical guides on Developing Your Inherent Abilities.

This resource is also helpful

2. Your Passion

Ask yourself this question: “What things (or one thing) would I do even at things at my own expense even if  I am not paid ?”

Pursue the areas you have passion for. There is a natural tendency to flourish there!

An activity here again:

  • Get a piece of paper or a notepad
  • Get a pen or pencil
  • Find a quiet or serene place

b. Make a list of every passion you have – even for the seemingly little things

Here’s a list of mine to aid you in your list:

  1. Music – – – I am so passionate about Music!
  2. Anything Technology Related  — I love to be part of any IT related event, group or innovation.
  3. I love to help people by being a helpful guide and mentor
  4. Meeting New People
  5.  Writing Books and articles
  7. Travelling

Again, this is not a full list of mine but it should give you a Headstart !

Analyse these passions, do you see a link between it and your Potentials?… That is to tell you that you have being given inherent passion by your Maker to Persistently develop and Build yourself in regards to all your Inherent Abilities.

3. What causes you Consistent Pain and Anger?

There are some things that happen in life and even our surroundings that we are not happy with. These may seem to provoke our spirits to do something about it but we mostly hesitate. Why? Because we mostly don’t know that such triggers are meant to propel us towards our purpose in Life.

Nelson Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist, who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 was angered by the plight of his countrymen. This led him to revolutionize his country thus making a name for himself.

Click this link to read more about the life and pursuits of Nelson Mandela. Other revolutionaries here.

Learn to solve that which causes you consistent pain anger. This will propel you towards your purpose in life.

A final activity here:

  • Get a piece of paper or  notepad
  • Get a pen or pencil
  • Find a quiet or serene place

c. Make a list of everything that triggers hatred and anger in you. – Not anything like saying your boyfriend or girlfriend pisses you off :p

Here’s a list of mine to also aid you in your list:

  1. I hate to see people with an inferiority complex – Thus will do anything to help others overcome that trait.!
  2. I hate to see people being Led by In-genuine and Inauthentic leaders.. — Thus will rise up to any position in line with my purpose
  3. I hate to see people who don’t understand themselves and thus have a low self-esteem — Thus I read books relating to knowing yourself (Temperaments and the likes).

Not much to write here, but you may have more than I have written. Make sure you list them all down. You will know why later.

The Final List

Now that we have gotten these three (3) keys with their list written down, we are going to make a final list. I don’t think I have to make a public draft of mine 🙂 you should be able to do that now.

  • Get a Notepad or your favourite journal
  • Get a pen
  • Find a quiet or serene place
  • Make a final list taking all the three (3) Keys written here in consideration. Make three separate sections:

1. Developing My Inherent Abilities

  • Make a Goals List.
  • Write each inherent ability as a Heading
  • Write goals under it that you will achieve so that you greatly improve and develop those abilities. Here is a useful resource on how to set goals. Click here or watch the video below:

  2. Making Maximum Impact with My Passion(s)

Your Passion will remain an untapped and wasted resource or feeling if it doesn’t propel you towards action.

  • Make a long list on how you can channel your passion(s) towards making an impact in the lives of others around you and even this world at large. NB: They should be realistic.
  • Find the linkages between your passion and your abilities and make sure you utilize them all for the Greater Good.

   3. Channelling My Pain for Good 

As said earlier, your pain drives you toward your purpose.

  • Make a resolution and a consciousness to channel all that pain and anger towards doing whatever seems necessary to make an indelible impact in those areas.

I hope this article was helpful for you as it was both enjoyable and helpful for me writing (one of my many abilities by the Grace of God – ELOHIM, my Creator).

Have a Wonderful Life fulfilling your purpose!

Regards from the Author – Kingsley David Gyimah

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