Hello I am Kingsley David Agyemang (preferably called King David), a product of The Grace of The Almighty God, ELOHIM whom I serve and worship, a Computer Programmer, Entrepreneur and an advocate for Self-Development and you’re Welcome to my Personal BLOG.

I got the inspiration I needed to create this BLOG after reading a mail titled – “I googled you and…” from a great guy I follow on twitter – @TomFrankly. He may not be known to you but he has great content and an amazing website to go along with it! You should check him out via Thomas Frank Website.

Through this BLOG, you’ll receive regular motivational quotes, articles and videos to keep you inspired and Glued to your Goals to achieve your dreams.
I’m so passionate about Tech. and the I.T world such that I deem it fit to call myself A Computer Geek, Inventor and Visoneer because I see far beyond the Human Perspective and I marvel about the immense contribution I.T can and will make in our Lives.
We just Have to give it a chance.


You will also be able share your thoughts and experience by commenting on Discussions and posts in the comment box.
Please make sure to view the services I offer (some free and some paid) via The Services Page and contact me for the services you need and any personal requests via The Contact Page.
~ Regards King David Gyimah

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