Hello I am Kingsley David Agyemang (preferably called King David), a product of The Grace of The Almighty God, ELOHIM whom I serve and worship, a Computer Programmer, Entrepreneur and an advocate for Self-Development and you’re Welcome to my Personal BLOG.

I got the inspiration I needed to create this BLOG after reading a mail titled – “I googled you and…” from a great guy I follow on twitter – @TomFrankly. He may not be known to you but he has great content and an amazing website to go along with it! You should check him out via Thomas Frank Website.

Through this BLOG, you’ll receive regular motivational quotes, articles and videos to keep you inspired and Glued to your Goals to achieve your dreams.

I’m so passionate about Tech. and the I.T world such that I deem it fit to call myself A Computer Geek, Inventor and Visoneer because I see far beyond the Human Perspective and I marvel about the immense contribution I.T can and will make in our Lives.

We just Have to give it a chance.

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How Do I Know My Purpose?

I listened to some audios messages from one of my mentors speaking at a church meeting and decided to make an article out of it to relate to the topic at Hand.

I made certain illustrations and gave personal examples to help make understanding easier and explain things better.

Purpose is Different from Ambition. Your ambition is your desire here on Earth by result of your environment and training but Your Purpose is defined by God (Your Maker) and You Discover it.

Here are 3 Fundamental Keys for Discovering or Knowing your Purpose by certain natural indicators:

1. Your Potentials (Inherent Abilities)

Your potentials are the abilities you were born with. It comes naturally to you. You still have to work on improving it through consistent practice and learning, but it is very easy to follow through and something that you have less trouble with. That is just a general way of Describing what Your Potentials are.

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Live Life With Purpose

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Life’s Greatest Question

Life is a question. The greatest question everyone on the earth must answer.  This answer to Life’s question remains the most important you have to seek out for yourself.
It is the question Why?

Why are you on the earth?

It is a question everyone is called to answer and no person on this earth is excluded from answering this question. The reason is that there is no person on the earth by accident. There has not been any individual in this world who came here by mistake. No person is on the earth for a trial and error kind of Life. There are no nonentities on this planet earth. Our MAKER has a purpose for every soul on the Earth – a divine assignment.

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Three Secrets To Staying Focused #MelRobbinsLive

Jean from Raleigh, NC asks Mel for any tips on staying focused. Mel’s three tricks that she uses every day will instantly increase your own productivity and prove that the easiest way to push yourself to stay with your mission is through being hyper-intentional from the very first moment of your day. It’s simple.
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